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I began this exploration by asking how can I share the subjects that inspire me in a whole new way that retains the essence of the original vision. As I have gathered age and insight, my eyesight began to fail me. Landscapes that were once clear and full of detail are now softer dollops of color. Crisp lines are blurred now dominated by orbs of light and shadow. Instead of immediately grabbing my glasses, I began to embrace this new perception of my surroundings. I noticed that the emotional impact of the landscape was now heightened not diminished.

I was no longer distracted by the leaves on the trees or the pebbles on the path. The distilled elements of the scene that still caused my soul to stir upon discovery were color, light and composition. Using paint, the entire composition is broken down into circles and more dimensionally depicted spheres. I often use my fingers to blend and smooth away brush marks further adding to the soft, blurred quality. Many translucent layers of paint are required to achieve luminous colors and radiant illumination.

Trisha Selgrath

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